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Tuesday Jun 5,2018

Max: Bench Press 1RMFT: BMU, DU

Bench Press 1RM

Max: Weight
Establish a 1 rep max Bench Press
(control at the top / control at the bottom)

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Wendy B95 Rx
Alma105 Rx 6th
Angie115 Rx 4th
Robby G235 Rx More than I weigh, I’m good with that!
Paul G185 Rx 17th Larry Helped me pulling the weight... anyways im back!!!!!
Toby240 Rx 9th 10# PR. Felt good.
Jason K305 Rx 3rd
Justin Gro225 Rx 11th Failed at 235
Larry B225 Rx 11th way to go Paul! fail at 235 but no shoulder pain
Erin A105 Rx 6th tied previous PR
Rob L190# Rx 16th
Walt95 Rx Failed on 105#
Russ225 Rx :\ 235,245 a touch help...Wonky town
jennifer how55 Rx 16th
Emily Co130 Rx 2nd
Jeff R255 Rx
Sam W265 Rx 5th 10# PR!
Adam B225 Rx failed at 245 and 255
Bryan C310 Rx 2nd
Leslie75 Rx failed @ 80
Russell P240 Rx 9th PR
Spencer Boy75 Rx 12th
Rachel Pr70 Rx 13th
ROBBIN80 Rx 11th
ANGELA C80 Rx 11th
Abbey80 Rx 11th
Tom S155 Rx
Jennie105 Rx 6th
Marcy75 Rx 12th
Joy P95 Rx 8th
Brigitte55 lbs Rx 16th
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Jeff R 2:43pm