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Thursday Oct 11,2018

Happy Birthday Michael Ber
GwenMax: Front Squat 1RM


Unbroken Clean and Jerks

Use same weight across each Round
Rest as needed between Rounds
Score = weight

100% 0%
1st85 Sheridan Thu,Oct 11,2018
2nd75 Angie Thu,Oct 11,2018
Melody Thu,Oct 11,2018
3rd65 Amanda Sc Thu,Oct 11,2018
1st155 Roy Thu,Oct 11,2018
2nd135 Robby G Thu,Oct 11,2018
Sam W Thu,Oct 11,2018
3rd115 Justin Gro Thu,Oct 11,2018
Toby Thu,Oct 11,2018
Larry B Thu,Oct 11,2018

Robby G135 Rx
Amanda Sc65 Rx
Roy155 Rx
Robert S135  Only power cleans. Cant go overhead yet with my shoulder
Justin Gro115 Rx
Toby115 Rx
Angie75 Rx
Lisa J115  15, 9, 9 want to try again after Fran hands heal.
Sheridan85 Rx
Larry B115 Rx
Leslie45 Rx 9:15
Haylie35 Rx went up each round because it felt super easy (35, 40, 45)
Walt35 Rx Shoulders tired from yesterday's WOD.
Melody75 Rx
Sam W135 Rx With OG Coach Jeff
Kamill95 Rx 3 UB @135 finisher
Jason K135  9/6/9/3/9 good work had to breathe
Rachel Pr55 Rx
Casey H75 Rx
Dylan R95  DNF
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