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Sunday Jan 6,2019

Happy Birthday Michael Bea
Gymversary Charmaine-1
Welcome Daniel J & Amy B & Kaitlin T


For Time
500 meter Row
40 Air Squats
30 Sit-Ups
20 Push-Ups
10 Pull-Ups            
     Rx2: 43' Ring Rows

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Melody5:40 Rx2
David C5:49 Rx2 41st
Jaz6:32 Rx2 26th
Walt6:50 Rx2 Ring rows
Amy B7:30  70th ring rows
Amanda Sc5:49 Rx2 19th Ring rows
Alma6:17 Rx First time doing baseline with PullUps
Robert S4:39 Rx 11th
Jeff He4:59 Rx
Kaitlin T9:24 Rx2 41st
Brigitte11:42 Rx2 50th
Kelly T7:42 Rx 11th first RX baseline!!
Tom S5:50 Rx 24th
Jeff B4:37 Rx Ring dips in place of PU
Russ5:02 Rx
Kate B7:14 Rx2 34th
Jennie7:17 Rx2 Ring rows
Kim B7:40 Rx2 38th
Blake6:18 Rx 7th
Sarah S5:10 Rx2 16th
Dylan R4:04 Rx 3rd
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