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Monday Aug 18,2014

Happy Birthday Jimmy & Haylie
'Hope'Maurie Monday On-Ramp Team Wod #1


3 Rounds
5 Stations each Round
1 min each Station
1 min rest between Rounds

Power Snatch 75/55   Rx2: 55/35  
Box Jump 24/20         Rx: 20/18
Thrusters  75/55        Rx2: 55/35
Chest To Bar              Rx2: Ring rows

''Fight Gone Bad Format''

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TodayAll Time

Ann G142 Rx2 banded pull ups, step ups
Michelle S168 Rx working on form
Paul E141 Rx
Valarie128 Rx2 RX 2-ish; sloppy day, all around. Nothing crisp.
Danielle Dul161 Rx2 all rx, but chest to bar. assisted pull ups
Cary94 Rx2
Amy Mi137 Rx2 grn blu band, 20 bj, 35 #
Roy176 Rx
Joshua170 Rx
Justin Gro174 Rx
Benjamin196 Rx 30' box jumps
Pamela S108  45lb, blue band
Aja126 Rx2 Green band pull ups
Robby W174 Rx 30' box jumps
Tavia165 Rx
Eric C154 Rx
Amy L159  Stupid banded pull ups
Brian S189 Rx 71, 64, 54
Erin J122 Rx2 non-assisted pull-ups
Josh M172 Rx
Tom S124 Rx2
Larry B158 Rx
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