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Friday Oct 17,2014

Happy Birthday Jason K
PC, FS, S2O, BrP, RD, PUThruster 5 x 5 On-Ramp WOD: 2- six minute AMRAP

PC, FS, S2O, BrP, RD, PU

2 Minutes on, 1 Minute off, 4 Rounds  
 -Rounds 1 and 3. AMRAP of:
   5 Power Clean  Rx(135/95)  Rx2(95/65)
   6 Front Squat  Rx(135/95)  Rx2(95/65)
   7 Shoulder To Overhead  Rx(135/95)  Rx2(95/65)

 -Rounds 2 and 4. AMRAP of:
   5 Burpees
   6 Ring Dips  Rx2(Banded or Box Dips)
   7 Pull-Ups  Rx2(Banded or Ring Rows)

0% 0%
1st170 2Lori F Fri,Oct 17,2014
2nd137 2Michelle S Fri,Oct 17,2014
3rd144Melody Fri,Oct 17,2014
1st80 Roy Fri,Oct 17,2014
2nd121 2Justin Gro Fri,Oct 17,2014
3rd113 2John D Fri,Oct 17,2014

Joshua146 Rx
Melody144  55 banded dips and pullups
Ann G149 Rx2 box dips, 55# wt, banded pull ups
Ann L149  35#, banded pu, rd
Lisa C129  45# , box dips, ring pulls
Ariel88  95#, banded pu and ringdips
Michelle S137 Rx2 #35lbs, red band ring dips, all good pull ups
Roy80 Rx
Danielle Dul127 Rx2 175, black bands
Rebecca P101  blk bands/ 45# bar/ box dips
Tavia133 Rx2
Benjamin131 Rx
Darin112 Rx2 95lbs
Aja103 Rx2 75lbs
Eric C99 Rx2 Rx2 rounds 1/3, Rx rounds 2/4
Lori F170 Rx2 65# box dips
Kaitlin B95 Rx2 85# rest rx
Brian S107 Rx Tougher than it looks!
Erin J115  65#, banded pull-up, green band dips
Justin Gro121 Rx2
John D113 Rx2 95#; mid band
Chris Ho136  RX3
Tom S96  75#/64# bands
Shay138  55# yeah I added my weights wrong lol
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