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Monday Nov 9,2015

Happy Birthday Todd T
Competitor,Team: Team2: BJ, HSPU, TH, K2E On-Ramp WOD: 2- six minute AMRAP

Team2: BJ, HSPU, TH, K2E

Competitor,Team: Time-Rx3
- 2 person teams For Time -  

Buy In:  
50 Box Jumps 24/20         Rx2: Step-ups
80 Handstand Push-ups     Rx2: 4 ft Wall Walks

Then... 40-30-20 Reps of:
Thrusters 95/65              Rx2: 65/45
Knees to Elbow               Rx2: Knee Ups

- Only one team member working at a time.  
- Divide work however.

0% 0%
1st14:50 2Michelle S Mon,Nov 9,2015
2nd15:44 2Christy Mon,Nov 9,2015
3rd19:10 2Donna A Mon,Nov 9,2015
1st10:45 Toby Mon,Nov 9,2015
Roy Mon,Nov 9,2015
2nd20:43 Bryan C Mon,Nov 9,2015
3rd29:14 Sam W Mon,Nov 9,2015

Wendy B14:20  just me and my broken toe: 50-12'step-ups, 30 hspu w/plate$abmat; 20-15-10 of 45#thrusters&k2c
Scott Fo11:27 Rx2 W/Jeff; 25#&admat hspu; sttp/up's; 95# thrustrs
Angela D15:44 Rx2 w/ Christy. 20' BJ, hspu w/ plate & abmat, 45# thrusters, mostly T2B
Larry B11:42 Rx2 all rx except hspu - coach John couldn't keep up. :)
Roy10:45 Rx Toby
Toby10:45 Rx w/ Roy
Michelle S14:50 Rx2
Juliana14:48 Rx2
Ann L14:48 Rx2 w/Juliana
Christy15:44 Rx2 w/Angela. 12'bj,boxed push ups, 55# thrusters, knee ups
Ben M23:52 Rx2 jared was partner + cash out
Donna A19:10 Rx2 55lb thrusters not 65lb
Bryan C20:43 Rx w/ Scott
Scott Fa20:43 Rx w/ Brian
Kelly M26:17 Rx2 knee ups and wall walks
Sam W29:14 Rx With Tristan. Cash-out included in time
Justin Gro24:10 Rx2 With Chaz
Christopher B31:27 Rx2 With Brandon. Knee ups and 65 thrusters. 24 box jump. 45# plate hspu. Includes cash out.
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