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Monday Jun 6,2016

50 Barbell BurpeesStrength: Front Squats 5 x 3Other Posted Results

50 Barbell Burpees

For Time
50 Barbell Burpees
Rx: 95/65
Rx2: 65/45
Rx3: 55/35

Bupree + Clean & Jerk = Barbell Burpee

0% 0%
1st10:07 Angie Mon,Jun 6,2016
2nd12:11 Kathryn S Mon,Jun 6,2016
3rd16:44 Wendy B Mon,Jun 6,2016
1st8:16 Antonio Mon,Jun 6,2016
2nd8:27 Jeff B Mon,Jun 6,2016
3rd8:55 Justin Gro Mon,Jun 6,2016
Dylan R Mon,Jun 6,2016

Roy9:20 Rx
Wendy B16:44 Rx rx weight; stepback/hop forward barbell burpees
Angie10:07 Rx
Kate B15:20 Rx3 Last 30 at Rx2, burpees on the floor, not bar
Bill B17:12 Rx2 last 30 burpees on floor
Christy13:01 Rx2 65# weight but burpees on floor not bar
Mike B16:10 Rx2 75#
Brian L14:32 Rx2 75# C&J
Toby10:13 Rx
Russ13:56 Rx (cough-hack)
Melanie C16:01 Rx
Elle12:30 Rx2
Erin Mi14:20 Rx2
Juliana15;28 Rx
Michelle S13:25 Rx2
Melody14:48 Rx2 65# burpees on ground
Larry B11:14 Rx
Jayna16:09 Rx At home all in
Dylan R8:55 Rx
John B14:40 Rx
Jeff R12:20 Rx
Kensie11:47 Rx2
Caleb11:05 Rx3
Ben M13:12 Rx
Sam W9:10 Rx
Alex P10:32 Rx2
Susan13:32 Rx2
Jeff B8:27 Rx
Josh S9:23 Rx
Kathryn S12:11 Rx 7 minute break to take care of daughter
Joy F13:08 Rx3
Justin Gro8:55 Rx
Antonio8:16 Rx Step Back/Up Burpees
Alexis13:44 Rx2
Karen G10:45 Rx
Tom S26:45 Rx2
Derek12:15 Rx
Greg D12:34 Rx2
Results Posted: 38

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