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Wednesday Apr 5,2017

Happy Birthday Rebeca & lucas
Amrap7: Burp, PistolsMax: Snatch 1RM

Amrap7: Burp, Pistols

7 min Amrap
 30 Bupees
 50 Alternating Pistols
      Rx2: Box Pistols

*Score is total number of Reps
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0% 0%
1st147 Mollie Wed,Apr 5,2017
2nd98 Angie Wed,Apr 5,2017
3rd103 2Melissa L Wed,Apr 5,2017
1st146 Toby Wed,Apr 5,2017
2nd123 Adam B Wed,Apr 5,2017
3rd100 John B Wed,Apr 5,2017

Angie98 Rx
Stacy97 Rx2 20' box
Judy H85 Rx2
Barbara92 Rx2
Larry B76 Rx
Mark L85 Rx2 Box pistols with assistance from rack
John B100 Rx
Jason B98 Rx2 Ohhh pistols.
Toby146 Rx
Melissa L103 Rx2
Josh S72 Rx2
Brian L97 Rx
Erin A99 Rx2 18' box
Janelle92 Rx2 18' box
Chaz90 Rx2
Jeff B99 Rx
Jeff P110 Rx2 box
Elizabeth K95 Rx2
Bob93 Rx2
Adam B123 Rx
Mollie147 Rx
Sam W59 Rx2
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