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Thursday Jun 8,2017

2017 Regionals: Event 1 On-Ramp WOD #20

2017 Regionals: Event 1

For Time
1,200 m Run Buy-in
Then... 12 rounds of:
 4 Strict HSPU
        Rx2: Kipping or Plate + Mat
        Rx3: Push-ups  
 8 C2B Pull-ups
        Rx2: Pull-ups
        Rx3: Jumping C2B
 12 Air Squats

25 min Time Cap
Add 1 sec for each unfinished rep. 1 Round = 24 sec

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TodayAll Time

Angie25:16 Rx2 Kipping HSPU, C2B mixed w PU
Spencer Bor19:32  4 c2b, 8 flash, 12 air squats
Tom S27:00 Rx3 7 rds / box HSPU / Jumping C2B - Who knew the sun was actually up at this hour of the morning?
Bryan C24:27 Rx
Toby19:20 Rx
Russ27:14 Rx2 1 plate + 1 mat...ctb pu
Judy H26:00 Rx3 short 2 1/2 rounds
Andrew B18:45  800m, 4 rd Plate HSPU, C2B, & SQ. Ran entire 800 no adductor discomfort; ripped r hand after rd 4!
Jason K25:47 Rx
Melissa L24:54 Rx3 Banded PU
Brian L26:06 Rx2 Kip HSPU, C2B + pullups
Kathryn S27:00 Rx3 Row/flash/PU w/blue &green- finished 7 rounds
Leslie26:43 Rx3 HSPU 45&25 plate; jumping CTB
Dylan R25:44 Rx
Mollie24:19 Rx2 everything Rx but HSPU
Adam B24:55  With 20#vest did 4 not 8 pull ups to save hands for Sunday
Sam W27:00 Rx2 HSPU to ab mat, rx pullups
Sheridan24:50 Rx2 PU
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