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Friday Aug 4,2017

Happy Birthday Daniel J

'JT' on the Run

For Time
21-15-9 reps of:

Hand Stand Push-ups        
Ring dips    
Flash Push-ups

HSPU's (1 Plate + 1 Abmat)
Ring Dips (Strict Banded )
Flash Push ups

HSPU (Box)
Box Dips
FPU (Knees)

*800 m Run after each Round

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TodayAll Time

Dee27:01  Rx 2 (box dips)
Amanda Sc28:20  box hspu, ring dips (red and blue band) push ups
Wendy B36:38 Rx2 Bravo: strict hspu's w/25#plate&abmat; blue banded rd's; flash pu's; 800m
Sam W33:20  Bravo-ish. HSPU to ab mat. Chest too sore to dip all the way down on rings
Erin A28:11  Bravo, 45# plate and mat, blue banded RD
Dylan R25:31 Rx
Ken H33:15  Plate + ab mat. Band dips.
John B39:00 Rx2 Banded Ring Dips (RX HSPU = exponential time suck)
Michelle S27:01 Rx2 HSPU, red band rings, pu - worked on hspu form work on tripod
Toby20:43 Rx Strict HSPU & RD
Justin Gro30:50 Rx
Jeff R23:47  200 m farmers carry sub for Run
Emily Co31:13 Rx2 25+15# plate; blue+red band; walk/run
Melissa L27:55 Rx3 Strict band & 800m
Brian L35:11 Rx UGGGH
Timothy B27:50 Rx3 Rx3, 800mx1 400mx2
Josh R26:25  135# push press (wrist) everything else Rx
Renata32:09 Rx3 rx3, 800mx3
Janelle25:45 Rx3 Mostly box HSPU (few with plate and mat), banded ring dips, 800m run
Lisa J27:04 Rx2
Jimmy26:42 Rx2
Spencer Boy25:09 Rx3 Box HSPU, Box Dips, Push Ups, 400M Walk; Sit Ups and Planks, Walk/Ran Laps (Total 3 Miles)
Jeff B28:50 Rx2 banded RDs
Sheridan22:32 Rx2 10# plate w/ ab mat, strict band
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