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Monday Aug 14,2017

3 Squat Clean Max Unbroken: 8 MinutesHero: 'Back-up' Trooper FieldsJerk 1RM

3 Squat Clean Max Unbroken: 8 Minutes

Reach the highest weight you can on 3 Unbroken Squat Cleans in a max 8 minute time span.

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1st135 Lisa J Mon,Aug 14,2017
2nd115 Alex P Mon,Aug 14,2017
Janelle Mon,Aug 14,2017
Sheridan Mon,Aug 14,2017
Angie Mon,Aug 14,2017
3rd105 Katia Mon,Aug 14,2017
Emily Co Mon,Aug 14,2017
1st205 Adam B Mon,Aug 14,2017
2nd195 Bryan C Mon,Aug 14,2017
3rd185 Jeff B Mon,Aug 14,2017
Toby Mon,Aug 14,2017
Zach Mon,Aug 14,2017
Russ Mon,Aug 14,2017

Wendy B95 Rx Try more next time
Sam W155 Rx
Russ185 Rx
Zach185 Rx Had more-Ran out of time
David F175 Rx 135#, 155#, 165# 175#
Toby185 Rx 135/155/185
Christy85 Rx 1x @ 95#, ran out of time to try it again.
Dylan R165 Rx
Angie115 Rx
Justin Gro135 Rx used as a mobility session
Sheridan115 Rx
Emily Co105 Rx
Kayla95 Rx
Lisa J135 Rx
Lauren Hol95 Rx wrist - womp
Brian L165 Rx
Spencer Bor225 Rx
Jeff B185 Rx 195x2
Erin A100 Rx
Bryan C195 Rx 2 @ 225
Janelle115 Rx
Adam B205 Rx
Alex P115 Rx 135 for 2
Josh R185 Rx
Katia105 Rx
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