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Monday Sep 4,2017

Happy Birthday Caroline
Hero: 'Back-up' Trooper Fields2017 Fall FG: Walking Dead

'Back-up' Trooper Fields

Hero: Time-Rx3
2 Person Team

1,500 m Row
75 Thrusters  
1,500 m Row

Rx2: 65/45        
Masters 50+: 55/35  

Partner 1 performs 1,000 m Row. Once 1,000 m Row is complete Partner 1 begins to work on 75 reps of Thrusters  

When Partner 1 gets off the rower, Partner 2 will perform 500 m Row. Once 500 m Row is complete, Partner 2 will begin to assist Partner 1 in completing 75 reps of Thrusters

Once Thrustes are complete, Team relays 1,500 m Row. Rotate however

*Partner 1 preforms 10 Burpees every time the bar is set down during the time Partner 2 is rowing. Once Partner 2 has completed rowing no more burpees are required by team

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Stacy17:45 Rx2 55#
Mark L17:29 Rx2
Russ15:09 Rx W/ my boy Big D
Jason K17:39 Rx With J Gross
Larry B17:21 Rx w/my boy z... he really is my boy!
Dylan R15:09 Rx With Rowdy Rusty Riggins
Spencer Bor14:20 Rx w/ J. Rex
Robby G17:29 Rx2 With Mark L
Josh R14:20 Rx
Janelle16:16 Rx W/Sheridan (Labor Day)
Tony16:09 Rx2 75# w/Jimmy
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