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Saturday Jan 6,2018

Happy Birthday Michael Bea
Welcome Charmaine
Amrap20: Row, Pistols, HSBaseline

Amrap20: Row, Pistols, HS

20:00 Amrap
50 Calorie Row
40 Pistols
30 Hang Snatches 95/65

0% 0%
1st199 Emily Co Sat,Jan 6,2018
2nd216Elizabeth K Sat,Jan 6,2018
3rd215Judy H Sat,Jan 6,2018
1st240 Jeff B Sat,Jan 6,2018
2nd229 Justin Gro Sat,Jan 6,2018
3rd200 Larry B Sat,Jan 6,2018

Erin A202  Box pistols on red stool, 55# HS
Judy H215  air squats 25#HS
Stacy176  Pistol with leg on side of box, slow but good progression
Melissa L190  Pistols w/band; #45 HS
Justin Gro229 Rx
Emily Co199 Rx hand ruined after PU yesterday
Kelly T170  65# snatches pistols with a band
Jeff B240 Rx
Russ230  Box pistoles
Brittany D185  35# HS, pistols with green band
Kathryn S190 reps  RX3
Josh S260  box pistols
Elizabeth K216  45# box dips
Robert S240  air squats
Larry B200 Rx
Kim B170  35# HS, pistols w/green band
Mark L196  75# SN, Box Pistols
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