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Friday Feb 23,2018

The Open 18.1

Open WOD: Reps-Rx2
2 Rounds
21 Calorie Row
50 ft 1-Arm Overhead DB Carry
30 sec Hang from Pull-up bar

5 Rounds
1 1-Arm Strict Press
1 1-Arm Push Press
1 1-Arm Push Jerk
   (each arm)    

20:00 Amrap
8 Toes to Bar
  Scaled: Knee-ups
  Masters: Sit-ups
10 1-Arm DB Hang Clean + Jerk 50/35
  Scaled: 35/20
  Masters: 20/10
14/12 Calorie Row

100% 0%
TodayAll Time

Robby G324 Rx2 damn it man!!!
Matt Sp306 Rx2
Kate B182  knee ups, 15# dumbell
Stacie234 Rx
Brian L232 Rx 7 Rnds + 8 T2B
Taylor Cof210 Rx
Robert S288 Rx
Toby300 Rx 9 rnds + 12
Adam B296 Rx
Justin Gro244 Rx
Brittany D217 Rx2 15# DB, RXed everything else
Walt174  Rx 3; SUs; 10# C&J; 12 cal row
Melody138 Rx Left arm harder than right - 5 in row each arm
Josh S237 Rx
Melissa L173 Rx2 25#DB; rest RX
Hanna L126 Rx2 10# DB; ripped hand
Kim B173 Rx2
Emily Co180 Rx
Adrienne243 Rx2 knee raises, 20lb
Katia215 Rx
Alex P213 Rx2 knee ups, rest rx
Danielle Born210 reps Rx2 20#DB: 14 cal row, Knee Ups
Jason K224 Rx 7 rounds
Spencer Boy254 Rx2 Knee Ups; #20 DB; 12 Cal Row
Rachel Pr244 Rx2 Knee Ups; #20 DB; 12 Cal Row
Tom S69 Rx masters RX
Russell P235 Rx
David O304 Rx That sucked! Accidentally did first round doing 10 each arm. Thank you David for correcting me!
Angie286 Rx
Josh R265 Rx
David F280 Rx love this wod (did it 2x's)
Bryan C335 Rx
Elizabeth K227 Rx2 Knee ups 25#
Erin A161 Rx2 my nemesis TTB, 25#
Jeff B308 Rx
Kelly T218 Rx2 knee ups, 25# dumb bell
Susan186 Rx2
Roy274 Rx
Larry B262 Rx
Jaron277 Rx2 My grip....
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