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Tuesday Mar 13,2018

Gymversary Walt-4 & Beverly-4
FT: Burp, RCMax: Back Squat 1RM

FT: Burp, RC

For Time
3 Rounds  
30 Burpees
5 Rope Climbs
   Rx2: 15 Pull-ups
   Rx3: 25 Ring Rows

*Add 1 sec for each unfinished Rep

0% 0%
1st17:55 Abbey Tue,Mar 13,2018
2nd25:30 Emily Co Tue,Mar 13,2018
3rd20:46 2Leslie Tue,Mar 13,2018
1st9:22 Toby Tue,Mar 13,2018
2nd10:06 Dylan R Tue,Mar 13,2018
3rd10:21 Jeff B Tue,Mar 13,2018

Kate B15:30  20 reps ea. movement/round
Jason K12:29 Rx2
Larry B17:55 Rx
Walt13:52 Rx3 1 RC; 20 Burpees each round
Judy H14:39 Rx3 30 burpees 20 ring rows each round
Erin A15:27 Rx3 30 burpees, 12 strict PU with thick green band
Michelle Sno idea Rx didn't finish - burpees made my back angry
Sam W13:36 Rx Not Toby, but I’m pleased.
Justin Gro15:23 Rx
Brittany D15:38  5-3-1 rope climbs. Burpees, sets of 20, jumped to plate for practice.
Toby9:22 Rx Thanks for the push Dylan!
Dylan R10:06 Rx
Rob L14:44 Rx
Angelika8:45 Rx3 Taking it easy from being sick
Kelly T25:31 Rx2 3 rope climbs per round
Emily Co25:30 Rx
Jeff B10:21 Rx
Leslie20:46 Rx2 3 climbs per round-2 pulls each climb
Brian L19:58 Rx Head Cold so I will take it
Bryan C19:50 Rx
Tom S18:25 Rx2 15 burpees / 2 rope climbs per round
David O16:35 Rx
Kim B18:17 Rx3 ring rows
Danielle Born12:36 Rx3 Ring rows, 3 sets of 30 burpees
Abbey17:55 Rx
Elizabeth K16:31 Rx3 3 rope attempts and 10 RR
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