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Monday Feb 11,2019

The Open 18.1

Open WOD: Reps-Rx2
2 Rounds
21 Calorie Row
50 ft 1-Arm Overhead DB Carry
30 sec Hang from Pull-up bar

5 Rounds
1 1-Arm Strict Press
1 1-Arm Push Press
1 1-Arm Push Jerk
   (each arm)    

20:00 Amrap
8 Toes to Bar
  Scaled: Knee-ups
  Masters: Sit-ups
10 1-Arm DB Hang Clean + Jerk 50/35
  Scaled: 35/20
  Masters: 20/10
14/12 Calorie Row

100% 0%
TodayAll Time

Amanda Sc228 Rx2
Erin A191 Rx one full round more than last year with heavier dumbbell!
Mary Wahlstrom.158 Rx2 Toes to bar, 26
Jay256  toes to bar - injury shoulder
Roy306 Rx Full round more! Amazing what eating right can do!!!
Alma180 Rx 6 rounds.. did RX TTb+35# (35# was heavy)
Brian L224 Rx
Toby310 Rx Great workout. Need to get faster on the DB.
Robert S284 Rx
Angie252 Rx
Christina M237 Rx2
Joan208 Rx2
Amanda Sa230 Rx2
Russ236 Rx 7+12
Justin Gro260 Rx 8rds+4
Dylan R312 Rx
Sheridan248 Rx
Lauren Ta247 Rx2
Walt210 Rx2 15# DB
Casey H210 rx on ttb, row rx2 on db Rx2 rx on ttb, row rx2 on db
Melissa L200 Rx2 T2B; 25# DB
Dean258 Rx2 8 full rds + 2, 35lb DB
Kim B225 Rx2 knee ups, 15#db
Jeff R260 Rx
Russell L288 Rx2
Spencer Boy273 Rx2 KUs; #20; 12 CAL
Abbey253 Rx2 toes to bar and #20lbs
Blake249 Rx First time in a LONG time to string T2B together since shoulder injury!!💪🏼♥️
Russell P273 Rx
Tom S167 Rx2
Paul G208 Rx
Sarah S340 Rx2 12 cal row, 25lb DB, knee ups
Rachel Pr201 Rx Wow. Progress. This year all Rx.
Mark P466 Rx2
Reem225 rx3 10 arm db 15# Rx2
Latrice198 Rx2 #35lb DB, KU,12 cal row
Kamill244 Rx paced too much.. nursing hands
Larry B260 Rx felt better than 2018, didnt score better
Results Posted: 38
Jeff R 9:39pm

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