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Monday Aug 27,2018

Gymversary Tony-2

Hero: Brehm

1 Round For Time
10 Rope Climbs
      Rx2: 3 Rope Climbs
      Rx3: 15 Body Pulls
20 Back Squats 225/155  
      Rx2: 155/115
      Rx3: 95/65  
30 Handstand Push-Ups  
      Rx2: 1 plate+ 1 mat
      Rx3: Flash Push-ups
40 Calorie Row

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Robby G16:30 Rx2
Wendy B14:24 Rx3 15 body pulls; 115#bs; strict hspu w/25#&abmat
Adam B10:42 Rx
Justin Gro17:26 Rx
Toby10:15 Rx Great push Adam!
Judy H13:30 Rx3 15 body pulls,65# BS,toe pushups,40 cal
Walt14:40 Rx3 55# BS, worked on form; slow pace, felt good
Taylor K14:53 Rx3 15 Body Pulls, 65# BS
Michelle S17:48 Rx2 10 Rope Climbs, 115# BS
Russ23:27 Rx2 All rx cept hspu’s
Jason K18:14 Rx3 Body pulls rest RX
Emily Co19:18 Rx
Melissa L17:39 Rx3 3 RC; #85 BS; HSPU w/ plate
Leslie15:18 Rx3 3 rope climbs/short rope; 75# BS; Pike HSPU
Amanda Sa13:26 Rx3 Rx2 except for BS- 3 rope pulls, #105 BS, HSPU #45 + mat disengaged
Bryan C18:44 Rx
Alma15:25 Rx3 15 body pulls, 12 HSPU with 50#+Mat, then 18 Pike HSPU, BS #115
Spencer Boy11:38 Rx3 #75 BS; Body Pulls; FPU; 40 Cal Row- 400M Run
Kim B15:39 Rx3
Larry B18:12 Rx2 rx except for hspu with 45# plate
Dylan R18:34 Rx 75% effort
Kelly T24:09 Rx
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