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Tuesday Aug 28,2018

Happy Birthday Sydnee & BERNARDO

FT: KBS, K2E, Run

For Time
30-25-20-15-10 reps of:
KB Swings 70/53
  Rx2: 53/35
  Rx3: 35/25
Knees 2 Elbows
  Rx2: Knee-ups

*Run 400 m Between each Round

0% 0%
1st17:47 2Angelika Tue,Aug 28,2018
2nd22:08 2Melody Tue,Aug 28,2018
3rd23:37 2Amanda Sc Tue,Aug 28,2018
1st20:42 Adam B Tue,Aug 28,2018
2nd25:43 Dee Tue,Aug 28,2018
3rd27:53 Roy Tue,Aug 28,2018

Amanda Sc23:37 Rx2
Wendy B30:38 Rx2 35#kb; knees2chest
Dee25:43 Rx
Kate B25:39 Rx3 0.7 mile assault bike
Angie21:36  DB snatches/burpees/run
Roy27:53 Rx
Adam B20:42 Rx
Melody22:08 Rx2 Ku 35kbs
Dylan R19:14  Better k2e, more reps than no reps..53# kB..50m 160# sled
Russ39:21 Rx Slow k2e but felt like good reps
Toby18:15  53#KB, 160# sled sub for run
Walt20:19 Rx3 18# KB; Bench SUs; 200-m run
Judy H28:04 Rx3 26#KB,knee ups,400 m run
Mary Wahlstrom.27:39 Rx3 35#kb, k to elbow, 200m run walk
Michelle S25:50 Rx2 35#kb rest rx
Erin A26:43 Rx2 35# KBS; mash-up of K2E, attempts at K2E, KU; 400m
Justin Gro31:35 Rx
Brittany D25:04 Rx2 35#KB, knee ups, 400m run
Angelika17:47 Rx2 35# KB; KU; 250M Row
Amy L24:06 Rx2
Jason K39:38 Rx
Elizabeth K25:04 Rx2 36
Sarah S23:14 Rx3 Used rx3 for 30, 25 & rx2 for the rest
Dawn M21:22 Rx3 18 lb KB 200M run
Spencer Boy24:18 Rx3 #26 KB; Knee Ups; 400 M Run
Leslie26:33  40 KBS w/26 then rest 18#KB; KU; 200m run
Angela Salazar #28:00 Rx3 #26 KB; Knee Ups; 400 M Run
Russell P30:20 Rx
Rachel Pr24:35 Rx2 30 K2E, rest KUs
Larry B30:59 Rx
Results Posted: 30
Jeff R 8:41pm

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