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Friday Aug 31,2018

Happy Birthday Brittany D
Tabata: Burp, BJO, RD, PistolsClose Grip BP: 5 x 5

Tabata: Burp, BJO, RD, Pistols

4 Stations
8 Rounds each Station
20 Sec Work/10 Sec Rest

 -Burpees to 6' Target
 -20' Lateral Box Jump Overs
     Rx2: Step Overs
 -Ring Dips
     Rx2: Flash Push-ups
     Rx2: Air Squats

Score = Reps

0% 0%
1st225 Angie Fri,Aug 31,2018
2nd343 2Heather Fri,Aug 31,2018
3rd332 2Michelle S Fri,Aug 31,2018
1st263 Toby Fri,Aug 31,2018
2nd252 Bryan C Fri,Aug 31,2018
3rd191 Brian L Fri,Aug 31,2018

Wendy B245 Rx2 But I rx'ed the 10 second rest!
Robby G147 Rx 50 box, 26 ring dips, 36 pistols, 36 burpees
Amanda Sc230 Rx2
Sarah S251 Rx2
Brian L191 Rx 41 burpees-55 BJO-37 ring dips-58 pistols
Amanda Sa280 Rx2 40 Burpees, 72 step-ups, 78 Box Dip, 90 lunges
Eddie236 Rx2
Alma271 Rx2 Burpees 35, stepover=67, Dips= 82, LUnges=87
Michelle S332 Rx2
Heather343 Rx2 Rx box jumps
Bryan C252 Rx
Angie225 Rx
Taylor Cof280 Rx2
Brittany D252 Rx2
Melissa L255 Rx2 Pistols
Emily Co173 Rx2 red band RD
Sam W191  Box dips, assault bike instead of box jumps
Toby263 Rx First ring dips since shoulder injury! Slower than normal but felt good. Weighted pistols.
Larry B184 Rx
Haylie258 Rx2 burpee to target, 18 inch box step overs, bench dips, bench pistols
Jordan268 Rx2 burpee to target, 18 inch box step overs, bench dips, bench pistols
Andrew S230 Rx2 All Rx except lunges instead pistols
Russ232 Rx2 Lunges
Results Posted: 23

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