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Monday Sep 3,2018

Happy Birthday James H
Gymversary Taylor K-2
Hanna L

Whistle While You Work

3 Person Team
 12:00 Amrap
  50 Handstand Push-ups (1 Person Holds)
      Rx2: Flash Push-ups (1 Person Holds)
  50 2 Person Tandem Wall Balls 20/14
      Rx2: 14/10
  50 Toes 2 Bar (1 Person Hangs)
      Rx2: Knee-up

*Rest 3:00

  12:00 Amrap
  50 Team Box Jumps (20' Box)
     Rx2: Step ups
  50 2 Person Tandem Deadlifts 225/185/135
     Rx3: 155/135/115
  50 2 Person Tandem Brupee over a Line

Score = Reps

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0% 0%
1st386 Erin A Mon,Sep 3,2018
Emily Co Mon,Sep 3,2018
2nd319 Hanna L Mon,Sep 3,2018
Lindsey Gro Mon,Sep 3,2018
3rd502 2Haylie Mon,Sep 3,2018
Melody Mon,Sep 3,2018
1st386 Jeff B Mon,Sep 3,2018
2nd307 Justin Gro Mon,Sep 3,2018
Brian L Mon,Sep 3,2018
3rd300 Russ Mon,Sep 3,2018
Jason K Mon,Sep 3,2018

Melody502 Rx2 334/168 w Haylie & Heather
Haylie502 Rx2 334 round one, 168 round two (mommy and heather)
Jeff B386 Rx w/ Emily and Erin
Emily Co386 Rx w/ Jeff B and Erin
Lindsey Gro319 Rx with Hanna L.
Hanna L319 Rx with Lindsey G.
Brian L307 Rx W/ J-Train (132 part A - 175 part B)
Erin A386 Rx with Emily and Jeff B.
Justin Gro307 Rx With Smoothie
Amanda Sa394 Rx2 W/Evan & Amber, 150 first round, 244 second round; 135# DL
Jason K300 Rx W/Keto Diet Russ Riggins
Russ300 Rx W/the gorgeous maned K-dawg.
Eddie300 Rx2 Big Thanks to Larry for coaching and pushing me to the finish.
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