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Wednesday Sep 5,2018

Gymversary Jason K-2

Emom18: BMU, DU, Row

6 Rounds
Min 1: 3 Bar Muscle-ups + 20 Double Unders
     Rx2: 5 Jumping C2B + 40 Single Unders
Min 2: Max Calorie Row
Min 3: Rest

Score = Total Calories

0% 0%
1st108 2Sarah S Wed,Sep 5,2018
2nd102 2Alma Wed,Sep 5,2018
3rd91 2Emily Co Wed,Sep 5,2018
1st130 Toby Wed,Sep 5,2018
2nd121 Adam B Wed,Sep 5,2018
3rd76 Sam W Wed,Sep 5,2018

Amanda Sc68 Rx2
Sarah S108 Rx2 JMU-SU
Kate B58 Rx2
Roy112 Rx2 JMU-DU
Brian L105  BMU/C2B Mix - singles
Judy H52 Rx2 JMU high bar on Tower de Judy built by Drew😁
Alma102 Rx2 3 Jumping muscle ups, 20 c.raises instead of DU (sore knee)
Justin Gro115 Rx2 Completed 1st rd, and all BMU's, but was not finishing DU's in rds 2-6
Larry B98 Rx2 banded MU, rx rest
Mark L78 Rx2 C2B. Left shoulder and back a little wonky.
Dylan R64 Rx2 easy
Toby130 Rx 24/23/22/19/19/23
Scott Pa84  Pull ups, jumping jacks, calorie bike
Amy L86  Jumping C2B
Emily Co91 Rx2 3 BMU attempts; hardly got to DU
Adam B121 Rx
Melissa L72 Rx2
Hanna L68 Rx2
Traci86 Rx2 jumping bmu; 20 DU
Russ100  5 reg ctb . All else rx
Abbey55 Rx2
Tyler S78 Rx2
Rachel Pr88 Rx2 JMU; DUs
Sam W76 Rx 3 rounds completed - shoulder
Results Posted: 24
Jeff R 2:49pm

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