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Thursday Sep 6,2018

Gymversary Emily T-1


For Time:  
200 m Run, 21 Deadlifts
200 m Run, 18 Strict Handstand Push-ups  
200 m Run, 15 Deadlifts
200 m Run, 12 Strict Handstand Push-ups  
200 m Run, 9 Deadlifts  
200 m Run, 6 Strict Handstand Push-ups

Rx: 245/165
Rx2: 185/125
Rx3: 135/95

Strict HSPU
Rx2: Plate + Mat
Rx3: DB L-sits

0% 0%
1st14:10 2Rachel Pr Thu,Sep 6,2018
2nd15:03 2Dawn M Thu,Sep 6,2018
3rd15:58 2Elizabeth K Thu,Sep 6,2018
1st15:18 Toby Thu,Sep 6,2018
2nd16:50 Jeff R Thu,Sep 6,2018
3rd18:16 Robby G Thu,Sep 6,2018

Wendy B22:38 Rx2 165#dl; strict hspu w/25#plate&abmat
Robby G18:16 Rx
Roy16:50 Rx3 245#/18@50#,18@35#
Angie17:42 Rx2 165dl/ strict -ab mat no plate
Jeff R16:50 Rx
Brian L23:53 Rx2 185 DL - Strict HSPU
Dylan R99:99  NFT..185..sHSPU
Jason K22:56 Rx
Toby15:18 Rx Takin it easy today
Walt16:15 Rx3 85# DL; 15# L-sits; 100-run
Mary Wahlstrom.20:17 Rx2 125# d; 200 run hspu!!
Justin Gro23:30 Rx2 mat&plate 1st rd, only mat for 2nd and 3rd rds - RX DL
Russ16:51 Rx2 ✌️25# plates for hspu’s. Rx all else
Larry B16:22 Rx2 what Russ said
Erin A18:48 Rx2 Rx DL; 10# + 15# plate HSPU; working it with my gym wife
Melissa L18:48 Rx2 45# plate; with my homie
Amy L14:55 Rx3 125 DL, 25 DB Presses
Kelly T15:43 Rx3 85# DL, 25# + mat HSPU, 200m run
Taylor Cof17:44 Rx2 165 DL, 15lb plate HSPU
Dean18:39 Rx3 245lb DL and box hspu
Emily Co20:03 Rx2
Leslie14:20 Rx3 75#DL; 100m run; 18 DB press rest HSPUw/plate
Dawn M15:03 Rx2 200m run 25lb plate to mat
Eddie17:57 Rx2 At Garage. Strict Rx2
Casey H18:30 Rx3 155 lbs deadlift.
Spencer Boy13:52 Rx3 200 M Run; #125 DL; #10 LDBP
Rachel Pr14:10 Rx2 25# plate HSPU
Tyler S14.28  155 DL; 25 DB
Brigitte21:14 Rx3 200 m run
Bianca20:50  200 m run, 55 DL
Marcy20:59 Rx2 125# DL; 100m walk; DB press
Brittany D14:43 Rx3 125#DL, 200m runs, 15#DB L sits
Elizabeth K15:58 Rx2 125# 45plateHsPU
Tom S23:00 Rx3 185# DL / 25 # DB L-sits
Sheridan19:07 Rx2 165# DL, just the mat for HSPU
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