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Friday Sep 7,2018

Happy Birthday Bryan C & Ayelet
FT: Pistols, HSCOther Posted Results

FT: Pistols, HSC

For Time
7 Rounds
10 Pistols
    Rx2: Lunges
3 Hang Squat Cleans 155/115
    Rx2: 115/75
    Rx3: 75/55

0% 0%
1st7:33 Angie Fri,Sep 7,2018
2nd8:40 Emily Co Fri,Sep 7,2018
3rd17:01 Sheridan Fri,Sep 7,2018
1st6:19 Jeff B Fri,Sep 7,2018
2nd7:33 Toby Fri,Sep 7,2018
3rd7:48 Bryan C Fri,Sep 7,2018

Wendy B6:54 Rx2 as written; unbroken hang squat cleans
Kate B9:41 Rx3
Amanda Sc7:15 Rx2 as written
Bryan C7:48 Rx
Angie7:33 Rx
Toby7:33 Rx Just came to make sure BL was takin it easy today.
Roy5:54 Rx2 Step Back Lunge
Brian L12:53 Rx UGGH - I guess you could say I was 'Takin it easy' today
Angelika5:11 Rx2
Taylor Cof7:12 Rx2 105 HSC, lunges
Erin A4:37 Rx2 as written
Russ6:23 Rx2 Rx weight. Lunges.
Justin Gro9:30 Rx
Walt8:56 Rx3 Lunges, 55# HC
Amanda Sa5:54 Rx2 #75 HSC, Lunges - w/Shine
Jason K8:26 Rx2 Lunges, 155#HSC
Sheridan17:01 Rx Pistols are so hard.
Brittany D6:15  Lunges. 65#HSC
Emily Co8:40 Rx
Melissa L12:51 Rx2 Pistols; #75 HSC
Rachel Pr7:31 Rx2 20 lunges each round, 75# HSC
Andrew S8:27 Rx2 Lunges & 155# HSC
Eddie7:58 Rx2 Garage Box. Strict Rx2
Jeff B6:19 Rx
Leslie10:35 Rx3 'pistols' to a box; 55#HCS
Casey H13:30 Rx3 Lunges
Tom S9:57 Rx3 75# hang squat clean / 10# 1 arm overhead lunges
Results Posted: 27

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