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Thursday Sep 13,2018

Happy Birthday Andres
Casey H


5 Rounds
20 Plate G2O 45/25
   Rx2: 25/10
100 m Shoulder Medball Run 20/14
   Rx2: 14/10
20 Box Jumps 24/20
   Rx2: Step-ups
100 m Shoulder Medball Run 20/14
    Rx2: 14/10

* 2 person team for Super Team athletes. Athletes perform reps in tandem and do 50 m Buddy Carry for med ball run

0% 0%
1st19:35 Traci Thu,Sep 13,2018
2nd20:45 Blake Thu,Sep 13,2018
3rd20:56 Alma Thu,Sep 13,2018
1st19:20 Toby Thu,Sep 13,2018
2nd20:43 Adam B Thu,Sep 13,2018
3rd21:41 Russ Thu,Sep 13,2018
Dylan R Thu,Sep 13,2018

Wendy B22:14 Rx2 15#G2O; 20in step-ups; 10# medball run
Robby G24:42 Rx 30 lbs med ball
Roy25:05 Rx Tandem w/Jeff and 70#
Dylan R21:41 Rx W/ my man Russ Riggins
Brian L24:43 Rx buddy Carry w/ J-Train
Toby19:20 Rx 3 person tandem w SuperFriends Lisa & Sheridan
Russ21:41 Rx Hoping my belly was a nice neck pillow for Dylan
Walt38:47 Rx2 Strict Rx2, slow and easy
Justin Gro24:43 Rx Buddy Carry - BL Smoothness
Melissa L25:04 Rx
Casey H24:42 Rx
Adam B20:43 Rx With Big Jimmy
Alma20:56 Rx
Traci19:35 Rx
Blake20:45 Rx Carried coach Jeff instead of medball ;)
Marcy32:31 Rx2 Squats instead of step ups
Amy L24:04 Rx
Sam W23:48 Rx With The Dean Balkwill
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Jeff R 8:46pm

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