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Monday Oct 29,2018

Happy Birthday Cameron W
3RFT: DU, WB, Burp/SU, C2B, THOther Posted Results

3RFT: DU, WB, Burp/SU, C2B, TH

2 Rounds not for time  
5 Burpee to 6” target
10 Lunges (slow)
30 Doubles or 60 Singles  
3 Kip Swings + 2 Pull-ups  

2 Rounds For Time  
50 Double Unders
    Rx2: 100 Singles
40 Wall Balls 20/14  
    Rx2: 14/10
30 Burpee DB Step-ups (20')                    
20 Chest 2 Bar    
     Rx2: Jumping C2B
10 DB Thrusters
Rx: 50/35
Rx2: 35/15                  
Rx: 15/ bodyweight

100% 0%
1st29:35 Angie Mon,Oct 29,2018
2nd36:06 Lisa J Mon,Oct 29,2018
3rd20:49 2Rachel Pr Mon,Oct 29,2018
1st31:13 Russell P Mon,Oct 29,2018
2nd31:40 Jeff B Mon,Oct 29,2018
3rd32:19 Kamill Mon,Oct 29,2018

Angie29:35 Rx Struggled with the burpee step ups
Kate B99:99  15 cal bike instead of singles; 10# db. stopped on 7th burpee round two, time 30:00
Walt35:07  100,40,15,10,10; jumping PUs; 18' box
Mary Wahlstrom.30:31 Rx3 15#db. 10# wb. single pu
Toby35:35 Rx 53# KB plyo-burpee stepups.
Michelle S32:42 Rx2 all rx except did bike instead of du
Melody35:11 Rx2 25du 25#db rr 14#wb
Russ49:52 Rx THAT..was a ding dang doozy.
Justin Gro48:32 Rx Finished, and that's all I have to say about that
Alma31:34 Rx2 Started doing DU then went to singles. 20# for burpee stepups and Thrusters, 14# WB
Sheridan36:48 Rx2 Those step-up's are no joke. 35# for thrusters and 1st round step-ups, 25# second round of step up's, mix of C2B & PU (ripped hand)
Jeff R37:30 Rx 53# KB
jennifer how30:23 Rx3 25DU, 10lb DB. 10 lb WB, 10 PU
Erin A27:19 Rx2 14# WB, mother of pearl
Casey HCut off at 30. Been sick. Rx3
Brian L40:00 Rx2 35# - rest RX (PR 30 Straight DU’S)
Scott Pa39:14  Jumping jacks.12ball thruster. 10lb dumbbell, 10 pull ups
Larry B35:09 Rx2 RX - 35# DB
Shannon33:30  DU, 14# WB, burpee something, dragon flags, 35#thruster
Jeff P33:28 Rx2 pull ups 25lbs thruster 35lb step ups
Jeff B31:40 Rx first 49 DU's unbroken!!! and the rest kinda sucked
Leslie29:35 Rx3 BW-BBJ; 10lb DBT (20lb total)
Spencer Boy25:02 Rx2 100 Singles, 10 WB; 20DB; RR
Kamill32:19 Rx
Russell P31:13 Rx
Rachel Pr20:49 Rx2 rx2 as written; DUs; PR 45 unbroken
Dylan R27:42 Rx2 slow and steady at RX2
Sarah S30:57 Rx2
Lisa J36:06 Rx Wow.
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