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Monday Nov 5,2018

Happy Birthday katherine C
Criss CrossStrength: Front Squats 5 x 2Other Posted Results

Criss Cross

15:00 Amrap
30 Double Unders  
     Rx2: 60 Singles
15 Power Cleans 115/75
     Rx2: 75/45
30 Double Unders  
     Rx2: 60 Singles
15 Toes to Bar  
     Rx: Knee-ups

100% 0%
1st360 Angie Mon,Nov 5,2018
2nd311 Lisa J Mon,Nov 5,2018
3rd304 Sheridan Mon,Nov 5,2018
1st415 Jeff R Mon,Nov 5,2018
2nd392 Adam B Mon,Nov 5,2018
3rd356 Russell P Mon,Nov 5,2018

Robby G300 Rx2 RX toes and cleans
Amanda Sc215 Rx2 DU, 65# cleans, kups
Kate B221  30 12” step ups instead of singles, 45# cleans, knee ups
HaylieRx2 got done with the first jump ropes on the fourth round
Adam B392 Rx
Robert S310 Rx
Russ255 Rx
Danielle Born145 Rx Did toes to bar for first time in workout as well as double unders ( up until now no More than 1)
Walt180 Rx2 55# cleans (most I've used so far); jump rope still sucks
Toby323 Rx
Justin Gro210 Rx
Angie360 Rx
Brian L217 Rx
Dylan R565 Rx2 60 singles, 115#, T2B
Sheridan304 Rx
Jeff R415 Rx
Melody179 Rx 75# du t2b
Casey H480 Rx2
Lisa J311 Rx
Traci270 Rx
Taylor Cof258 Rx
Angela Salazar #260 Rx2 55#; TTB
Rachel Pr270 Rx
Russell P356 Rx
Tom S375 Rx2 RX2+ 95# cleans / knee ups
Kamill270 Rx
Brigitte375 Rx2
Bianca385  35#, Singles, Knee-ups
Latrice450 Rx2
Sam W270 Rx
Jason K216 Rx
Scott Pa296  Jumping jacks, dumb bell cleans, knee ups
Results Posted: 32
Adam B 2:06pm
Aaahhhh...Coach Jeff...good one!

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