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Wednesday Nov 7,2018

FT: RC, OHSMax: Snatch 1RMOther Posted Results


For Time:  
Rope Climb
   Rx2: 1 Rope Climb each Round
   Rx3: Body Pulls
Overhead Squats 135/75
   Rx2: 95/55
   Rx3: 65/35
   Rx(+): 165/95

0% 0%
1st12:48 +Angie Wed,Nov 7,2018
2nd6:03 3Judy H Wed,Nov 7,2018
3rd6:34 3Lisa J Wed,Nov 7,2018
1st14:45 +Jeff R Wed,Nov 7,2018
2nd16:14 +Sam W Wed,Nov 7,2018
3rd11:44 Toby Wed,Nov 7,2018

Robby G10:22 Rx2 Double PR on snatch, I'm tired!
Judy H6:03 Rx3
Erin A9:43  65# OHS; 1 baby rope climb each round
Mary Wahlstrom.10:01 Rx3 Rope Climb, 55#\squat
Alma7:31 Rx3 45# OHS, 1 baby Rope Climb a round
Russ19:07 Rx
Danielle Born11:10 Rx3 55# OHS, short rope climbs ( did 3 more rope climbs than supposed to 🙈)
Walt7:28  Rope Pulls; 2,3,4,5,10 OHS with 15# bar
Toby11:44 Rx Thiiiisss...shoulda been faster. Snatches/OHS were way too slow.
Justin Gro17:40 Rx
Angelika7:01 Rx3 RX2 Weight; Body Pulls
Lisa J6:34 Rx3 95# and pull-ups 5 each round
Tom S10:22 Rx3
Jeff R14:45 Rx+
Jeff B11:59 Rx
Rachel Pr6:37 Rx3 55#; body pulls (got my 1st rope climb)
Angie12:48 Rx+
Sam W16:14 Rx+
Results Posted: 18
Toby 7:05pm
Whoooole lotta snatch PRs today! Nice work Team CF Etowah 💪🏻💪🏻

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