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Thursday Nov 8,2018

Happy Birthday Michael S
Gymversary Matt Sp-1 & Tabitha-1 & Angela B-1
Angela Salazar #

FT: Row, BBO, Row

For Time
50 Calorie Bike  
30 Burpee Box Overs (20')
50 Calorie Row

Rx2: 1/2 Reps
Rx(+): 30/24 Box

0% 0%
1st16:24 +Blake Thu,Nov 8,2018
2nd13:10 Erin A Thu,Nov 8,2018
3rd13:58 Sarah S Thu,Nov 8,2018
1st11:57 +Jeff B Thu,Nov 8,2018
2nd12:21 +Toby Thu,Nov 8,2018
3rd13:19 +Robert S Thu,Nov 8,2018

Jason K13:28 Rx
Justin Gro9:50 Rx
Melody16:05 Rx Had to jump bc legs from bike
Mary Wahlstrom.19:59 Rx
Michelle S15:34 Rx
Walt13:30 Rx2
Sandra15:27 Rx2
Robert S13:19 Rx+ 893 watts /688 water speed on rower. 116 rpm on bike
Russ14:30 Rx 888 watts/653 water speed...111 rpm on assault bike
Lisa J14:56 Rx 304 water speed and 95 rpm
Sarah S13:58 Rx 989 cal row average/ 58 avg rpm on bike
Casey H8:24 Rx2
Erin A13:10 Rx 412 max watts, 89 max rpm
Leslie12:16 Rx2 261 wtts; 82rpm
Bryan C14:28  30 man makers @35# no box jumps
Dawn M16:22 Rx push ups from box
Russell P10:24 Rx
Jeff B11:57 Rx+
Angela Salazar #17:00 Rx
Paul G12:05 Rx
Rachel Pr14:40 Rx
Abbey9:50 Rx2
Jennie14:13 Rx2 25 cal bike, 50 situps, 15 cal bike (knee injury)
Brigitte24:24 Rx2 18 in box all rx
Blake16:24 Rx+ 24in Box Jumps slow
Toby12:21 Rx+
Roy10:36 Rx
Results Posted: 27
Jeff R 7:19am

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