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Monday Jan 28,2019

Happy Birthday Jeff B & Jaz
Welcome Casey G
3RFT: Run, AB, TTB, THThruster 1 Rep Max

3RFT: Run, AB, TTB, TH


3 Rounds for Time
400 m Run
    Rx2: 200 m Run
30/20 Calorie Bike
20 Toes 2 Bar
    Rx2: Hanging L-sits
    Rx3: Haning Knee-ups
10 Thrusters 135/95
    Rx2: 95/65
    Rx3: 65/35

0% 0%
1st26:07 Angie Mon,Jan 28,2019
2nd23:33 2Shannon Mon,Jan 28,2019
3rd27:11 2Melissa M Mon,Jan 28,2019
1st22:30 Russell P Mon,Jan 28,2019
2nd22:42 Bryan T Mon,Jan 28,2019
3rd24:50 Dylan R Mon,Jan 28,2019

Jeff B25:42 Rx 205 1RM Thruster, r2 155 Thrusters 27:10
Wendy B31:42 Rx2 3 rnds: 500m row; 20cal bike; 20 k2c; 10 thrusters@65#
Haylie15:21  35# thrusters, 10 calorie bike, knee ups, 200m run
Melissa M27:11 Rx2 400m run, 20 cal bike, 20 t2b, 65# thrusters
Angie26:07 Rx
Melody30:30 Rx2 400m Run 20cal AB 20 t2b 75# thrusters
Bryan T22:42 Rx
Mary Wahlstrom.38:10 Rx3 TTB, 400 m row, 20 cal bike, 45# thrusters
Toby26:13 Rx
Robert S25:28  185 deadlift instead of thrusters
Walt24:45 Rx3 10 cal bike; 35# trusters; 70# truster 1 rep max
Dylan R24:50 Rx
Justin Gro99:99 Rx Missed checking time, but slow pace today
Erin A28:46 Rx2 Rx with 65# thrusters
Amanda Sc25:46 Rx3 RX run and bike; rx2 thrusters; rx3 knee ups
Casey G30:08 Rx2 75lbs on thrusters
Jaron26:33 Rx3 RX 3- TTB ; 75lb - thrusters
Bill H29:03 Rx
Melissa L27:16 Rx2 All RX but #65 Thrusters
Casey H27:35 Rx2 rx on r,b tb and rx2 th
Kelly T31:17  500m row(no running), knee ups, 145# DL(no thrusters), 20 cal bike
Alma27:05  Rx except 65# front squat instead of thrusters( thrusters yesterday at open gym)
Shannon23:33 Rx2 400m run, 20c row, knee ups, 45#thruster
Ravi24:00 Rx3 200 M, 20 kee, 10 thrusters (35Lbs), 10 cal bike
Adam B27:35 Rx NFT-Sore from Sunday WOD...Last 2 rounds 225 DL
Leslie21:02  35# thrusters; rx 3 rest
Kim B27:24 Rx3 400m run, 20 cal bike, 35# thruster
Larry B32:45 Rx
Tom S25:55 Rx3
Rachel Pr27:24 Rx2 65#; 20 T2B; 20 cal bike; 400 m run
Russell P22:30 Rx cal row
Paul G32:19 Rx2 95lb bar, 400m run, 30cal rwo and 20 T2B
Brigitte24:27 Rx3
Latrice32:04 Rx3 400m run, L sits, 20 cal bike, 145# deadlifts
Sarah S22:30 Rx3 400 m run; 30 cal row,bike,row; 65lb thrusters; knee ups
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