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Monday Feb 4,2019

Welcome Kristy W

FT: Pull-up, SN

A- 2 Rounds
   10 Breakdancer Planks
   10 KB Windmills

B- 2 Rounds
   3 Kip Swings + 2 Strict Pull-up
   10 Weighted Supermans

C- 1 Round
   5 Hi Hang Triple Ext
   5 Hi Hang Hi Pull
   5 Hi Hang Snatch
   5 BR Rack Push Perk (Snatch Grip)

8:00 Build up
2 Pause Snatch
(Recieve Snatch in 1/4 Squat)

For Time
30 Pull-ups
    Rx2: Ring Rows
30 Snatches 135/95
    Rx2: 95/65
    Rx3: 65/35
30 Pull-ups
    Rx2: Ring Row

0% 0%
1st9:40 Lisa J Mon,Feb 4,2019
2nd13:33 Angie Mon,Feb 4,2019
3rd12:01 2Rachel Pr Mon,Feb 4,2019
1st6:28 Jeff B Mon,Feb 4,2019
2nd8:39 Bryan T Mon,Feb 4,2019
3rd9:10 Robert S Mon,Feb 4,2019

Robby G16:40 Rx Snatches not so pretty today, pullups great!
Erin A14:11 Rx2 as written; thick purple band
Mary Wahlstrom.12:35 Rx3 45# snatchs, part pullup part banded red
Angie13:33 Rx
Melody21:10 Rx2 65# 20+20 legit pu (and ? # attempts)
Alma17:39 Rx2 Pullups, 65#snatch
Amanda Sc15:55 Rx3 60# snatch, red banded pull ups
Bryan T8:39 Rx 1st round of pull-ups unbroken (butterfly). new PR!!!
Justin Gro17:21 Rx
Toby11:26 Rx
Walt14:05 Rx3 Banded PUs (black/red); 35# snatch; no energy
Amanda Sa18:35 Rx3 55# SN, 2 RedBands PU
Robert S9:10 Rx
Christina M22:10 Rx3 Green band PU; 55# snatch
Jaron16:55 Rx2 Strict band pullups
Kim B10:31 Rx3
Larry B10:52 Rx2 115
Casey H10:30 Rx3 75 on snatches, rx pu
Leslie7:43 Rx3
Ravi8:00 Rx3
Adam B9:41 Rx all pu slow on snatches
David O9:19 Rx
Kristy W9:14 Rx3
Traci13:54 Rx2 65#snatch, kipping pu's
Jaz14:18 Rx2 65# sn; strict banded pullups
Spencer Boy7:31 Rx3 #45 Snatch and RR
Jeff B6:28 Rx
Tom S8:58 Rx3
Abbey11:14 Rx3 50 pounds and banded pull ups
Kamill7:04 Rx2 60 PU's - 30 Sn @ 95#
Rachel Pr12:01 Rx2 65# and pull-ups
Lisa J9:40 Rx
Haylie11:23 Rx3 40# snatch, jumping pull ups
Brigitte11:16 Rx3 40 lbs
Russell P10:35 Rx
Dylan R10:24 Rx3 75#; feeling under the weather today
Results Posted: 36
Jeff R 5:45pm

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