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Tuesday Feb 5,2019

Welcome Kristy W
Amrap12: DU, Lunge, BurpPausing Split Jerk 5 x 2

Amrap12: DU, Lunge, Burp

A- 4 Round Emom
    45 sec Jogging Singles
B- 2 Rounds
   20 Step Back Lunges
   20 1-Arm DB Strict Press
        (10 each side)
C- 2 Rounds
   10 DB 1-Arm Split Jerks (5 each side)
         *practice foot work

5 Rounds
2 Split Jerks
(2 second pause in dip and catch)

12:00 Amrap
24 Double Unders  
     Rx2: 44 Singles
18 Jump Lunges
     Rx2: Step Back Lunges
12 Burpee‘s  

Score = Reps

0% 0%
1st374 Angie Tue,Feb 5,2019
2nd357 Rachel Pr Tue,Feb 5,2019
3rd345 Sheridan Tue,Feb 5,2019
1st434 Toby Tue,Feb 5,2019
2nd432 Bryan T Tue,Feb 5,2019
Adam B Tue,Feb 5,2019
3rd393 Jeff R Tue,Feb 5,2019

Amanda Sc216 Rx all du’s!
Jeff R393 Rx
Jay258  all du's
Angie374 Rx
Adam B432 Rx
Robert S312 Rx
Toby434 Rx
Bryan T432 Rx Adam and Toby about killed me!
Erin A385 Rx2 Jumping lunges are no joke!
Mary Wahlstrom.368 Rx2
Judy H384 Rx2
Walt214 Rx2 Still tired but better
Christina M208 Rx DU; Jumping lunges
Jaron206 Rx2 RX - DU and burpees. Step back lunges
Justin Gro216 Rx
Dylan R272 Rx
Brittany D360 Rx2 Singles, jumping lunges
Casey H390 Rx2
Michael Ber378 Rx2 su jl
Sheridan345 Rx
Brian L154 Rx Broken record (DU’s SUCKED)
Traci262 Rx
Latrice376 Rx2
Dawn M395 Rx2 5 rounds
Jeff B376 Rx
Spencer Boy487 Rx2 6 Rounds 48, 12, 12 1 Round 48 + 7
Abbey314 Rx2 jumping lunges
Russell P371 Rx
Kamill322 Rx
Rachel Pr357 Rx
Bianca151 Rx2
Reem386 Rx2
Jennie198 Rx2 calf raises, squats, step back burpees
Chrissy152 Rx2
Lexie151 Rx2
Tyler L213 Rx2
Mark P384 Rx2
Larry B301 Rx
Amy L316 Rx
Results Posted: 39
Jeff R 4:54am

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