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Wednesday Feb 6,2019

Hero: Team Coffey

For Time  
2 Person Team
800 Run (Relay 200 m)  
  50 Back Squats
  50 Bench Press
800 Run (Relay 200 m)  
  35 Back Squat  
  35 Bench Press  
800 Run (Relay 200 m)  
  20 Back Squat  
  20 Bench Press
800 Run (Relay 200 m)  
  1 Bar Muscle-up  

Rx2: 135/95
Rx3: 95/65
Rx3: 65/35

Bar Muscle-up
Rx2: 10 Chest 2 Bar
Rx3: 20 Ring Rows

0% 0%
1st27:42 2Sarah S Wed,Feb 6,2019
2nd33:30 2Rachel Pr Wed,Feb 6,2019
Spencer Boy Wed,Feb 6,2019
3rd34:05 2Alma Wed,Feb 6,2019
1st25:10 +Jason K Wed,Feb 6,2019
2nd27:37 +Jeff B Wed,Feb 6,2019
Adam B Wed,Feb 6,2019
3rd30:15 +Justin Gro Wed,Feb 6,2019
Larry B Wed,Feb 6,2019

Robby G22:54 Rx Silverback Wod Killaz!
Jeff He22:54 Rx Silverback Wod Killaz!
Jaron23:01 Rx2 RX2 - bench ; RX - squat - With Matt (Matty Ice)
Matt Sp23:01 Rx With Jaron
Jordan32:02  started with 40# BP, 55# Back Squats, With Haylie Franz
Haylie32:02  done with big j, 55# back squats, 35# bench press
Erin A34:33 Rx3 95# BS, 85# BP, RR with Melody
Alma34:05 Rx2 with Bobby doing Rx+.. ( I did 65# bench, 75# squat)
Judy H33:21 Rx3 With Mary. 55# BS; 45# bench press.
Toby32:41 Rx+ (165#) Slowed Dr. D waaayyy down. Most I've benched since shoulder injury though so it's a win!
Russ38:43 Rx+ LawDawg
Brian L38:43 Rx+ Russell “The Love Muscle..Up” Riggins
Walt44:25 Rx3 with Christina & LaDonna; 55% BS, 65# BP
Christina M44:25 Rx3 w/ Walt & LaDonna;65# BS; 65# BP
Larry B30:15 Rx+ with the 'machine' - JG
Dylan R32:41 Rx+ Great work Toby! Fun workout this morning!
Jason K25:10 Rx+ W/Flyin’ Bryan Turner
Justin Gro30:15 Rx+ W/ Big Bad LB!
Robert S34:05 Rx+ With Alma
Amy L26:54 Rx3 Rx2 Weight, Beast Partner Jazz!!
Jaz25:54 Rx3 rx2 weight; 20 rr; with amy!! <3
Melissa L27:41 Rx3 45BP; 55 BS w/ my Hanna Banana
Adam B27:37 Rx+ with Jeff B..chasing big Bryan and Kiz with no luck...aggghhhh!
Russell P26:15 Rx w/ Dr. Sam Webb
Kamill27:56 Rx W/ The Wildebeest
Jennie27:42 Rx3 bike, 65 lb bp, 35 lb bar back squat (knee) partner with Sarah :)
Spencer Boy33:30 Rx2 #65 BP & Squat w/ my bestie beast Rachel
Jeff B27:37 Rx+ W/ Adam B
Rachel Pr33:30 Rx2 w/ partner for life; @spencer
Sarah S27:42 Rx2 BP as written; squats 75lb partner was JENNY & she crushed it!!!!
Mary Wahlstrom.33:31 Rx3
Sam W26:15 Rx With the Russ Pritchett
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