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Most Recent Benchmark was Deadlift 1RM on Apr 8,2019 (14 days ago)

Thursday Feb 7,2019

3Amrap5: DL, BJ, TTB

A- 2:00 Split Stretch
   4 90/90 Hip Switch
B- 20 Step-ups
   5 Box Jumps
C- 2 Rounds
   10 1 Leg Double KB Deadlifts
   20 Bicycle Crunches (Slow Tempo)

3 Rounds
Turkish Get-ups
10 - 8 - 6

5:00 Amrap  
25 ft Farmers Carry 53’s/35’s
  Rx2: 35’s/26’s
  Emom: 10 Double KB Deadlifts  
  (Start with Deadlifts)

Rest 3:00  

5:00 Amrap  
Box Jumps 24/20
  Rx2: Step-ups
  Emom: 10 DB Snatches 50/35
  R2: 35/20
  (Start with Snatches)  

Rest 3:00  

5:00 Amrap  
  Emom: 10 Handstand Push-ups  
  Rx2: 10 DB Press
  (Start with HSPU)  

Score = Reps,  EMOM reps not included

0% 0%
1st120 Mary Wahlstrom. Thu,Feb 7,2019
2nd73 Jaz Thu,Feb 7,2019
3rd196 2Dawn M Thu,Feb 7,2019
1st212 Jeff B Thu,Feb 7,2019
2nd182 Toby Thu,Feb 7,2019
3rd130 Kamill Thu,Feb 7,2019

Amanda Sc66 Rx2 Rx fc and dl; all else rx2
Erin A128 Rx2 All Rx, but HSPU with mat + 10# + 15# plates
Roy153 Rx2 35#Press
Brian L113 Rx2 53# FC, 35# DB SN, 35# DB Press
Alma82 Rx2 All RX except 25# snatch and HSPU with Plate+mat ( only made it to abs one time)
Larry B102 Rx2 53# FC, 35# dbpres, 50#sn
Robert S70 Rx 26-32-12
Russ94 Rx2 50#sn, 35#l-press, 70#kb
Toby182 Rx strict hspu. Started w box jumps
Christina M119 Rx2 All Rx except Rx2 HSPU
Mary Wahlstrom.120 Rx 44#fc and DL, box jump 45#weight, hdpu
Bryan T95 Rx Deficit HSPU was a mistake!!!
Jaron82 Rx2 21-21-40; RX all but HSPU
Melissa L122 Rx2 RX FC; step ups; HSPU 25# plate
Casey H148 Rx2
Michael Ber150 Rx2 35# snatch plate pu rx everything else
Kelly T94 Rx2 35# farmers carry, 20 inch BJ, 35# DB snatch, sit ups, 20# L-sit DB press
Jaz73 Rx 21; 12; 40 (box jumps killed me and snatches didnt help)
Ravi136 Rx2
Brittany D99 Rx2 35#farmers carry and DL, 20” box jumps, 25# DB snatches, 15# DB press
Jeff B212 Rx 43-47-122
Dawn M196 Rx2
Tom S87 Rx2
Kamill130 Rx
Rachel Pr191 Rx2 All Rx except HSPU with 15# plate
Latrice104 Rx2 All RX except HSPU with mat and 45# plate
Brigittesucks Rx2
Reem161 Rx2 26 kettle bell 15 lb weights 4 45 plates for box jumps
Sarah S180 Rx2 All Rx but HSPU with plate and mat
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