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Most Recent Benchmark was Deadlift 1RM on Apr 8,2019 (14 days ago)

Monday Apr 1,2019

Happy Birthday Traci
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The Chief

5 Rounds
3:00 Amrap
  3 Cleans  
  6 Flash Push-Ups
  9 Air Squats

Rx: 205/135
Rx2: 145/85
Rx3: 85/55

*Rest 1:00 between Rounds

*Score = Total Reps

0% 0%
TodayAll Time

Wendy B282 Rx3 65#cleans
Robby G187 Rx2 185 lbs, 205 started, didn't like it, at all!
Amanda Sc286 Rx2
Jaron287 Rx2 RIP esophagus
Sarah S294 Rx2 95lb cleans
Amy L304 Rx2
Russ192 Rx
Bryan T287 Rx Cleans at 225
Alma184  Strict HSPU with plate+mat, flash push Ups on knee, air squads with bench ( 34 strict HSPU today)
Toby166 Rx Most cleans I’ve done @205 in a WOD so I’ll take it :)
Traci249 Rx2
Judy H243 Rx3 #55 cleans; no more 2 weeks off
Walt267 Rx3 55# CL; +74 birthday burpees
CHouchins329 Rx2 85#, (4cr, 3cr+9,3cr+6, 3cr+6, 4cr+2)
Dylan R228 Rx2 Axle bar 165#
Robert S232 Rx
Sheridan215 Rx2 125# cleans
Melody338 Rx2 85#
Brittany D191  75# cleans
Kelly T208 Rx2 95#
Melissa L272 Rx2
Hanna L249 Rx3
Josh S283 Rx2 145lb
Erin A315 Rx2 95# cleans
Casey H215 Rx2
Jeff B231 Rx
Elizabeth K257 Rx3 75#
Jeff P220 Rx3 115# cleans
Larry B195 Rx2 185
Russell L226 Rx2
Kamill270 Rx2 165#
Russell P230 Rx 56,54,40,38,42
Leslie250  15#DB for cleans; wrist knee PU - wrist bad
Kate H144  35#
Spencer Boy324 Rx2
Adam B186 Rx Felt heavy
Lindsey Gro324 Rx2
Bryan C308 Rx
Lisa J230 Rx
Brigitte180 Rx3
Reem300 Rx3
Jennifer Hea183 Rx3
Abbey234 Rx3
Rachel Pr366 Rx2
Angie144 Rx 135#
Tom S285 Rx3 RX3+ 95#
Christina M257 Rx3 75#
Taylor Cof312 Rx2
Results Posted: 48

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