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Tuesday Apr 2,2019

Happy Birthday Sam L
Festivus Game 2019Back Squats 5 x 3

Festivus Game 2019


10:00 Amrap
1 Box Jump + 1 Thruster
2 Box Jumps + 2 Thrusters
3 Box Jumps + 3 Thrusters
35 Double Unders  -OR- 50 Single Unders  
(Team choice, both must do the same, one athlete at a time)  
4 Box Jumps + 4 Thrusters
5 Box Jumps + 5 Thrusters  
6 Box Jumps + 6 Thrusters
35 DU -OR- 50 SU (Same style as round 1)  
Continue Adding Reps in This Pattern, With the DU/SU After Each Third Round, Until the Time Expires.  

 Intermediate: 95/65
 Novice/Masters: 65/45

Boxes: 20' All  

Score 3: Total Box Jump/Thruster Reps
(DU and SU don't count for score)

0% 0%
1st180 Rachel Pr Tue,Apr 2,2019
2nd160 Spencer Boy Tue,Apr 2,2019
3rd136 Lisa J Tue,Apr 2,2019
1st180 Russell P Tue,Apr 2,2019
2nd171 Dylan R Tue,Apr 2,2019
Brian L Tue,Apr 2,2019
3rd152 Robert S Tue,Apr 2,2019

Wendy B141 Rx2 w/Bryan Cummins; step-ups; 55#thrusters; singles
Bryan C141 Rx With Wendy
Amanda Sc105 Rx w/ Christy
Brian L171 Rx W/ Dr. Dre Reach (singles)
Erin A126 Rx with Karimar and Gisela
Robert S152 Rx With Joe Price
Robby G130 Rx With big walt! 115 on thruster
Walt130  w/Big Robby; 35# thrusters
Russ136 Rx W/ twin. Slowed us waaay down with bad double unders.
CHouchins105 Rx w/ Amanda
Christina M96 Rx2 w/ Mary 55# thrusters
Lisa J136 Rx Used the 95# thrusters so maybe I get in shape soon! With #twinzies
Mary Wahlstrom.96 Rx2 Team with Christina!! 45# thruster, 20' step up, calf raises
Dylan R171 Rx With Captain Smoothie
Melissa L190 Rx2 Delicious & Melicious
Casey H190 Rx2 Delicious & Melicious
Nate144 Rx2 75# and su's
Lindsey Gro256 Rx2
Blake126 Rx With coach Kelly
Dawn M97 w/ Abbey Rx2
Abbey97 Rx2
Spencer Boy160 Rx #65 BJ and Singles
Kelly T126 Rx With Coach Blake! 😁
Kamill144 Rx w/ The Swiftminator
Russell P180 Rx 9 full rounds. #teamPRITCHETT
Tom S144 Rx w/ Kamill the Krusher / Kamill RX / Tom 75#/singles
Rachel Pr180 Rx Doubles; with the hubs/teammateforlife
Reem144  Rx 3
Kate H102 Rx3 46 individual 102 group
Latrice102 Rx With Kate
Brigitte139 Rx3 3 stacked 15lb box jumps
Larry B137 Rx with my super partner in more than crossfit
Kim B137 Rx2 45#, SU w/the hubs
Amy L122 Rx2 55 #'s with Britney :)
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