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Most Recent Benchmark was Deadlift 1RM on Apr 8,2019 (14 days ago)

Wednesday Apr 3,2019

Amrap15: DL, Sit-ups, Row, TTB, BMUBaseline

Amrap15: DL, Sit-ups, Row, TTB, BMU

A- 200 m Suitcase Carry
B- 2 Rounds
   5 Weitghted Thoracic Ext.
   5 Kip Swig + Chest 2 Bar

3 Rounds
    5 False grip Ring Row + Turn Over
    10 MedBall Sit-ups

15:00 Amarap
50 Double KB Deadlifts 53s/35s
    Rx2: 35s/26s
40 Medball Sit-ups 20/14
30/25 Calorie Row
    Rx2: 25/20 Calorie
20 Toes 2 Bar
    Rx2: Knee-ups
10 Bar Muscle-ups
    Rx2: Burpee Pull-up/attempt

0% 0%
1st187 Angie Wed,Apr 3,2019
2nd247 2Latrice Wed,Apr 3,2019
3rd240 2Rachel Pr Wed,Apr 3,2019
Erin A Wed,Apr 3,2019
1st278 Toby Wed,Apr 3,2019
2nd270 Kamill Wed,Apr 3,2019
3rd261 Dylan R Wed,Apr 3,2019

Jaron225 Rx2 You can do C2B (singing Three Little Birds this morning)
Angie187 Rx 50-40-25-20-10 & 42
Erin A240 Rx2 Rx KBDL, Med ball SU, row; Rx2 KU, burpee to PU
CHouchins216 Rx2 35#KB, 10#MB, 20C, burpee/pu w green band
Alma218 Rx2 Decided to test DL (in boot) #26, T2B, C2B
Bryan T253 Rx 70lb kb, 30lb mb
Bryan C238 Rx 70 lb KB
Robert S211 Rx
Toby278 Rx
Melissa L216 Rx2 Rx KBDL, SU, Row Rx2 knees & burpee pull ups
Walt139  26# DL; 10# SU; 20 cal row; KU; burpee to jumping pullups; shoulders hurt
Russ195 Rx2 70# dl, burp pu
Dylan R261 Rx 70# KB ; 30# MB
Justin Gro222 Rx
Josh S195; 70lb KB; Burpee 2 pull-up Rx2
Latrice247 Rx2
Nate207 Rx2 used 2 45# plates to help w/ pull ups
Larry B201 Rx2 70# KB DL, burp pu
Kim B143 Rx2 26# KB, 14# med ball, 25 cal row
Abbey200 Rx2
Adam B220 Rx 70#KB 30#MB
Kamill270 Rx
Spencer Boy191 Rx2 #35 KB DL; #14 MBSU; 25 Cal Row; KU; BPU
Russell P200 Rx
Rachel Pr240 Rx2 Rx everything except burpee to pull ups; biiiiiig class tonight had to wait on couple of things
Taylor Cof200 Rx2 35# KB,#14 medball SU, half TTB and half knee ups, burpee PU
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