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Tuesday Apr 9,2019

Happy Birthday Jaron
Welcome Gillian
Festivus Games:Bench Press 5 x 8

Festivus Games:

2 Person Team  
8:00 Time Cap  
27 Row Calories  
21 1-Arm Alternating DB Snatch  
15 Hand Release Push-ups  
9 1-Arm Alternating DB Squat Clean  

*Each Athlete dose each movement
*1 Athlete works at a time
*The non-active athlete holds a Plank from Push-up position  

 Intermediate: 50/35  
 Novice/Masters: 35/20  

Score 4: Time to Complete  
Add 1 second for every incomplete rep if time caps

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TodayAll Time

Jaron8:00 Rx2
Alma8:00  123 reps with Ryan @35# (Me and Amanda Worked at the same time). (We did it wrong.Splitted reps)
Erin A8:30 Rx2 Festivus novice (should have done knee plank though); with beast mode Mary
Mary Wahlstrom.8:30 Rx2 Team with Erin.
Wendy B8:36 Rx2 w/Christy
Brian L8:00 Rx Right on the nose (w/ SWAT Slover)
CHouchins8:36 Rx2 W/Wendy
Russ7:29 Rx W/ twin
Robert S8:00 Rx With BL Smooooooooth
Justin Gro6:28 Rx2 With Brittany Beast
Larry B7:03 Rx w/Sheridan the Machine
Brittany D6:28 Rx2 With Justin (the REAL beast)
Amanda Sc8:00 Rx2 what Alma said 😊
Melissa L7:56 Rx2 W/ Hanna banana
Cindy8:33 Rx2 with Sharon
Blake8:16 Rx with Coach Russell
Robby G8:02 Rx I was holding Taylor back, she could have finished.
Bryan T6:44 Rx With Alex
Rachel Pr7:50 Rx with Russ<3
Spencer Boy7:01 Rx2 27 Row; 20 DB; PU; PU Hold from Knees
Bryan C7:01 Rx w/ Spencer and Smerk
Tom S8:48 Rx2 with Elizabeth
Abbey8:18 Rx2
Kamill7:28 Rx w/ Christina AKA 'Buffalo Calf'
Latrice8:18 Rx With ABBY
Kelly T8:41 Rx2 First partner workout done with the Hubbs!!!!! Did RX movements
Jeff B6:22 Rx With Sarah
Taylor Cof8:02 Rx w/ Robby :)
Jennie8:00  90 reps partner = Jenny
Russell P7:50 Rx Team Pritchett
Sheridan7:03 Rx
Dylan R99  worked on shoulder mobility
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Russ 7:37pm
Happy b-day, Jaron!...Hope you and 5:30 got those burpees in!

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