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Wednesday Apr 10,2019

Welcome Gillian
1 Mile Vest RunOther Posted Results

1 Mile Vest Run

A- 200 m Run
B- 2:00 Lizard Stetch (elbow to ground)
   2:00 Couch Stretch (sky reach thumb to wall)
C- 3 Rounds Build-up
   20 Bulgarian Split Squats

5 Rounds
10 Back Rack Alternating Lunges  
(5 each leg)

*Lunge from the Rack. Maintain Midline by steping like a Split Jerk

1 mile weight vest Run
  Rx2: 2,00 m Row

0% 0%
1st8:54 Angie Wed,Apr 10,2019
2nd9:33 Amanda Sc Wed,Apr 10,2019
3rd10:24 Christina M Wed,Apr 10,2019
1st6:51 Bryan T Wed,Apr 10,2019
2nd7:16 Dylan R Wed,Apr 10,2019
3rd7:56 Toby Wed,Apr 10,2019

Amanda Sc9:33 Rx first run with vest! Thanks Angie
Erin A11:06 Rx first mile with vest; I'll take it; built up to 75# back rack lunges
Mary Wahlstrom.15:30 Rx 14# vest
Angie8:54 Rx
Bryan T6:51 Rx first time with a vest
Brian L8:00 Rx 20# Vest (155# BR Lunges)
Russ11:15 Rx Built to 165# back rack lunges
Walt11:39  2000-m row
Christina M10:24 Rx First trying weighted vest; 14#
Roy12:31 Rx
Dylan R7:16 Rx 30# vest
Bill H8:03 Rx
Melissa L11:29 Rx First time running in a vest #14
Robby G10:54 Rx Ughhhh
Haylie12:32  used a vest for a half mile - kept pace with big j and mommy - up to 45# on the lunges
Justin Gro11:15 Rx Big Russ and I ripping up the track today
Toby7:56 Rx 30# vest
Spencer Boy9:07  Mile Run no Vest
Kamill8:36 Rx NFT.. trial run for 'Murph'
CHouchins10:39 Rx Vest run
Sarah S14:14 Rx Can’t run right now :( did a 2000m row (8:11 time) and 2mile assault bike (6:03)
Larry B11:00 Rx paced 2.5 miles with Kim
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