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Thursday Apr 11,2019

Gymversary Josh S-3 & Jordan-1
Max Reps: MU, HSPUOther Posted Results

Max Reps: MU, HSPU

A- 21 Cal Row
   200 m Run
B: Foam Roll + Stretch Lats
C: 2 Rounds
   3 Front Leavers + 2 C2B
      Rx2: 3 Kip Swings + 2 Pull-ups
   10 Handstand Shoulder Taps
      Rx2: Wall Wall Shoulder Taps

3 - 5 Rounds
3 Jumping Bar Muscle-ups
   (3 sec pause at top)
Rx(+): Banded Bar Muscle ups
          (No Chicken Wing!!!)

Emom x 10
Even: Max Rep Unbroken BMU
         Rx2: Pull-ups
         Rx3: Strict Banded
ODD: 15/12 Cal Bike
         Rx2: 12/9 Cal

Rest 3:00

Emom x 10
Even: Max Rep Unbroken HSPU
        Rx2: Plate + Mat
        Rx3: DB Press
ODD: 21/18 Cal Row
        Rx2O: 18/15 Cal Row

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Wendy B61 Rx3 strict banded pu's; 100m run; strict hspu's w/plate&abmat; 12cal row
Robby G44  That sucked! I can't breath, pollen blows! I messed up on row as well.
Bryan T69 Rx 15 unbroken bm. PR!!!
Justin Gro30 Rx 25 HSPU, 5 BMU ( 1 per rd)
Walt107 Rx3 15# DB; too easy, should have used 20# DB
Erin A75 Rx2 as written; 45# plate + mat
Mary Wahlstrom.66 Rx2
Christina M72 Rx2
Robert S50  25/25. Messed up on the row. Thought is was a 250m row. Realized my mistake round 3
Dylan R200  SU & russian twists
Russ63 Rx2
Melissa L99  RX2 but 12 cal row
Casey H88 Rx2 1 bmu “pr” pull up for 4 sets
Kate H73 Rx3
Elizabeth K81 Rx3 Banded
Tom S84 Rx3 RX3+ 12 cal row / pullups
Kelly T61 Rx2 Pull ups and 100m run & plate + mat HSPU and 12 cal row
Bryan C50 Rx
Kamill34 Rx
Abbey50 Rx3
Brigitte89 Rx3 ring rows, 100 run
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